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Apr 17

Although solitary confinement for extended periods is considered one of the most psychologically damaging forms of punishment — particularly for teenagers — no one knows how many juveniles are held alone in cells in California.

Neither the state nor the federal government requires juvenile halls to report their use of isolation for minors — and no laws prohibit them from locking down youth for 23 hours a day.

” — Thinking outside the box

How Americans Die -

Very well done.

Bail reduced for Volusia corrections officer held on child porn charges -

Fascinating that this towering example of manhood somehow was NOT shot in the head by a police sniper. Thin blue line, indeed.

A Guide to John Rizzo’s Lies, For Lazy Journalists

Bank of America: 'We provide all required MSR documents' -

To be clear, BAC was caught trying to make a buck selling the right to harass borrowers to a third party, non-bank which would not be bound by banking regs. Banksters gonna bankster.

Apr 16

Belle Knox Auctions Some Porn Gear -

(Source: snowden-knox2016)

“There are two sets of laws, one for the non-elites and one for cronies, and two kinds of capitalism: the free-market variety for small businesses that are unprotected by the state and the crony variety for corporations, cartels and state fiefdoms protected by the state.” — What’s the Difference Between Fascism, Communism and Crony-Capitalism? Nothing

“In plain English: if you cannot make a hamburger with a building, then capital and labor cannot easily be substituted for each other, and the collapse of capitalism that Piketty predicts does not occur.” — No, it’s not the end of capitalism. An alternative to Thomas Piketty’s ‘terrifying’ future

The Center for Public Integrity's response to ABC News -

Smack. Down.

“We don’t feel like it’s fair that the government dictates what day we can ship the onions.” — Georgia Judge Won’t Stop New Vidalia Onion Rule