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Aug 01

“My driver, an awesome single mother who was only on her 3rd day as a Lyft driver, and was doing it to support her kids, was incredibly nice and apologetic about the whole thing. Eventually the officer came back and started handing out citations. $100 for not having the right license, $200 to Lyft for illegally hiring her, another $100 and $500 for two other violations. Up until then she’d been very nice – appreciating how cooperative my driver had been. Then for some reason she started intimidation tactics. Tonight it was just citations, tomorrow she would be in her office filing the same charges as misdemeanors which meant my driver could be prosecuted on criminal charges if they followed up on it (none had so far). And she started referring to “all your little Lyft friends” and spreading the message that apparently Thursday (today) the Hillsborough Public Transportation Commission would have law enforcement status and if Lyft drivers kept running they’d start impounding cars and showing force.” — BUSTED! The Cops Showed Up for My First Lyft Ride

Ayn Rand’s Monstrous Views on the Middle East

Jul 31

State Dept. Seeks Release of Parents Accused of Murdering, Trafficking in Child’s Organs -

Hooray, US ally.



Sprint's New Facebook-Only Data Plan Is a Sad Internet Future -

Huxley predicted Soma; instead it is Soc-Med.

Update on the Israeli Army Order of Battle in the Ongoing Gaza Strip Conflict -


July 31, 2014

Two days I published a preliminary order of battle of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) combat units currently taking part in the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. Corporal frisk, who also is closely tracking the IDF units taking part in the operation, has published an update of…

I keep telling everyone that it is clear that the IDF resolved to wipe out the Shejaia Battalion once and for all.

White House accidentally leaks post-9/11 CIA torture report findings


Seattle Reassigns Cop Who Issued 80% Of Marijuana Citations