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Oct 21

Canadensis man targeted repeatedly as Frein suspect -

Seriously, not even cops are this stupid. They must be so jumpy that they are trying to drive everyone off the roads.

“That could raise the profile of this whole political situation with whistle-blowing to a whole new level.” — The Woman Who Captured Snowden (via snowden-knox2016)

(via snowden-knox2016)

Ebola Outbreak: CDC Training Health Care Workers for Africa

Jeremy in solitary: here is what we know

Oct 20


WTO rejects US country-of-origin labels for meat -

US consumers lose.

McClatchy’s Revisionist History of Dr. McHealthy’s Fruit and Nut Project

'Tis a minor and unsurprising thing in the grand scheme of things, but the account given over the weekend of Dole Foods billionaire owner David Murdock’s pet project outside of Charlotte — aka the North Carolina Research Campus — is at odds with reality.

Contrary to the claims of Murdock officials, only producing half as many jobs as projected with thousands of square feet of empty office space cannot be laid at the feet of the 2008 crash.

There were serious doubts about the project’s prospects as far back as 2005, and they were never really addressed in the in the run-up to the crash, as we see here, here, here and here.  Yet despite it all state and local officials rubber-stamped the plans in 2007, including $170m. in vital public debt for complex. By fall of 2008, it was clear things were not going to go as planned on the financial side.

That we are a decade on and still getting spun on this thing is sad, but such is the case when government officials think they are getting something for nothing in a “partnership.” It’ll be more of the same in 2024 as well.

McDonald’s Gets More Expensive, Turning Off Some Diners

“Turns out, the crews that installed those metal plates neglected to enter them in the system.” — Commuter Dude: Tracking metal plates on Atlanta streets

Judge doesn’t take kindly to lawyer’s newborn -

Talk about burying the lede: How did two teen-agers get into America illegally, make their way to Atlanta, get a court date, go to court, decide to hire a lawyer, hire a lawyer, and go back to court? Who is paying for them to do all this? Where do they live? Are they enrolled in school? How?